songs of protest

Currently, youth are increasingly drawn to the songs of protest, calling for the contemplation of life, to act, to fight.

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Today's protest songs, songs that sings mostly youth, have acquired new colors. Because these songs - not the commercial variety, not jazz, not classical music, because they are born in the midst of the people, their true rank as folk songs.
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Merged with the rhythms of rock, they have become folk - rock. This does not mean that folk - rock is always a forced rhythm. Sometimes the song flows with restraint, with feeling, in a low voice, to the accompaniment of a guitar. And yet it feels rock temperament. Although the folk-rock protest songs, sometimes singing in low voices, they hear the whole world.

This is a song about the struggle for civil rights of blacks, the struggle against poverty, the millions of problems that torment the simple American.

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Songs of Phil's Eye on current political topics. Full of sarcasm and biting irony, they sometimes resemble newspaper pamphlets devoted to the most pressing political issues.

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During the Vietnam War Phil Ochs particular success has brought him a bold song-parody of "super patriotic" song "It's the best sons of America." The song - a parody called very expressively: "We - the world's policeman."
Genre Tom Paxton - political satire. He is the author of the acclaimed song "Lyndon Johnson told the nation."

How did this song, the singer has put forward a number of the most daring folk Singer Tom Paxton says because of this. Once he read the satire of the famous American journalist Art Buchwald "President Goldwater." It leads Art Buchwald statements Goldwater, who at one time seemed delusional, but were later carried out by none other than the opponent Barry Goldwater - by President Johnson.